Cordial behavior online (and in person) is a MUST!

Let’s start with the first point on of this: An owner of a business or the person in charge of your brand online must ALWAYS act politely, and NEVER name-call, or use threatening or demeaning language. Period. There is no “but” to this. Point number two: people are MORE likely to complain online than in […]

Getting your LOCALS interested!

Being from Myrtle beach it’s no secret we have a largely tourist driven economy. Between May and August our population baloons! This is awesome for businesses, we have a very large service industry here. Hotels, Restaurants, bars, attractions; they all boom in the summer months. The question here is How do you get your locals […]

Content Part 3: Twitter!

Content for twitter is an entirely different beast. You are limited on your characters. So unless you are saying something short and sweet you will have a link to your content. If you do this you have to have something catchy to get people to WANT to click. There is a real science to creating […]

Content, Content, Content! Part 2: Facebook

Part one was about your blog. Cliff notes version is make it personal, informative, and have fun! This time I’m talking about your business Facebook page. The trick to Facebook content is making it “shareable”. Now as with your blog this is not one size fits all, it will require work and lots of effort. […]

Content, content, content! Part 1: Blog!

We always hear the word “content”. Whether it’s sharable, news worthy, informational… it’s always there! What many businesses struggle with is where to get it! Unfortunately there is no easy, one-size-fits-all, answer. Let’s start with your blog. If you don’t have one you should! There is a plethora of information on blog ideas and most […]

How will people find you?

The other day while pumping gas I was approached by a young man in a locksmith van. “So how does social media management work?” I responded by saying each business is different and you should have a plan tailored to you. I also said I do websites and integrate your social sites with your website. […]