Content, Content, Content! Part 2: Facebook

Part one was about your blog. Cliff notes version is make it personal, informative, and have fun!

This time I’m talking about your business Facebook page. The trick to Facebook content is making it “shareable”. Now as with your blog this is not one size fits all, it will require work and lots of effort. First place to get content for your Facebook should be obvious… your blog! Take excerpts from your blog and use then on your Facebook.  If you use wordpress (if you don’t you should) your blog posts go directly to your Facebook and other social media; all you have to do it set it up once. This is really handy because on wordpress you can schedule your blog posts,  so you won’t need to write every day. That is unless you want to… or you are talking about time sensitive material.  Your blog is the perfect place to get some of your content because it is already focused to your business or what you do.

Your competition. Yes I said it. Your competition! If it doesn’t make sense right away just think long and hard and it will. Your competition is doing what you do… they will be writing  pertinent information to your business because they are IN the business! Also… it never hurts to network. See if they want to collaborate on something! Don’t ever shut out the people in your industry that may be competing with you. Now… to clarify do NOT take their stuff and call it your own!! That’s plagiarism,  but share it and give credit where credit is due! Also, don’t go overboard sharing their content but find several sources and share sparingly.

How does content become sharable? There is no simple answer. But the long and short of it is people have to want to share it. This doesn’t happen overnight. Think of what YOU like to share and start there! But remember your Facebook is the “face” of your business so make it a good one! Don’t be afraid to push some buttons… be controversial… ruffle feathers… make people think… ask questions. Most of all… yep you guessed it… HAVE FUN!

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