Content, content, content! Part 1: Blog!

We always hear the word “content”. Whether it’s sharable, news worthy, informational… it’s always there! What many businesses struggle with is where to get it! Unfortunately there is no easy, one-size-fits-all, answer.

Let’s start with your blog. If you don’t have one you should! There is a plethora of information on blog ideas and most of them can be tailored to each industry. As a rule of thumb I like to keep blog content very personal! Make sure it relates to you and your business. If you have a retail store talk about your new product. If you provide a service talk about why people use your services. If you are a restaurant talk about your new menu items. Most of all though your blog needs to be interesting! Have fun with it! make sure you mix it up between informational pieces and fun pieces.  This will create good sharable content for your blog.

Also keep in mind that building all this content for your blog will take time and effort. You need to make sure you know your company goals and your blog will help you attain it! But not over night!

Take a look at a blog I help to maintain. this client is a published author as well as a philanthropist and is very passionate about politics. If you scan through his blog you will see we spend a lot of time creating posts relevant to what he does. It has taken a year but his blog has gathered quite a following! (Take a look at the stats here)

Keep blogging and your company will gain a following. If you need help setting up and maintaining a blog that’s where your social media guru will come in! I have ideas for all lines of business and can help you create and share all of your content!

Next blog I’ll discuss Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest content!

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