Work Samples

Each business or person will have their individual needs for their site. Whether it is a simple or complex site I can help you decide what is best for you. I will design the site for you to your specifications and will make sure you are satisfied with the look of your site.

After you site is set up I can manage and update it for you; or I can give you the tools and knowledge to update it on your own.

E-commerce website

Tiny Tribe Tonice is owned locally and she was looking for online shopping options. While there are several options out there she decided on the most cost-effective one for her business. her site is linked to her PayPal account and she can add, remove and feature seasonal or new items as often as she wants. I also trained her on her site so she will be able to add more products. Since she is always adding and changing items this was the best option. This also saves her time because when she posts a new product to her site it automatically shows up on her Facebook page!

Screenshot (4).png

Non-profit website

Socastee Heritage Foundation is a growing non-profit that needed a “usable” website. It needed to be easy to navigate as well. Their yearly festival along with other events through the year needed to have forms and other information readily available for vendors. They also needed the ability to take credit card and PayPal payments. The site is mobile friendly as well and has a Facebook widget for great social connections. The site is maintained by myself and will be easily transferred and I will provide training should the Foundation want to manage it themselves.

Screenshot (90).png

Chiropractor website

Dr. William Hauck is a local chiropractor with an incredible reputation. He contacted me with the need for a “simple” site that would be easy for him to keep up to date. He also needed it to be easy to navigate for his clients and have the patient forms available for download. Along with the building of his website I setup his Google Webmaster tools and his Google page. It’s VERY important to have consistent information online!

Dr. Bill will be getting a training session along with written instructions on how to maintain his site and update it regularly. He will also have a blog feature so he can update his clients with the current healthcare information.


Local Business Website

Created By U Ceramics needed a site that would be easy to maintain and update. She was also concerned about being on Google which involves SEO. While that can be outsourced I can set the site up and establish your Google Webmaster tools which will give you a jump start; wordpress also has SEO already built into their sites (not to mention they are all mobile friendly as well). The most essential part of SEO will be posting regularly and tagging properly. The owners will all be trained on how to create the best possible posts. Their wordpress site can be changed/updated regularly and connects with all of their social media accounts and also has a widget for events. This was definitely a fun site to build!

Screenshot (24)

*Update: The owner called me one morning and expressed her happiness that she was on google when she searched! I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to have happy clients!

Business Website

After working with a company who built a site for Highland Global, the owner decided he needed a more functional and easy to maintain website. I moved all of the articles and information over to their new site and continue to update it regularly. Highland Global worked closely with me to choose the design and layout of their page, after a few edits the company was very happy with the final product. Another neat feature they decided to use was a Mailchimp feature VIA where they have a newsletter their clients can sign up for. I also designed that for them at


Weekly article political website

Thinking Outside The Boxe was another client who was looking for something they could easily update on their own. I maintain this site for them at their request, but these sites are very user-friendly! This non-partisan think tank posts weekly articles about current events and other important topics. The great thing about their site is that each article can be properly tagged which helps with SEO, and helps it to be indexed properly. The neat feature with wordpress too is that you can connect it with your social media networks. What that means is when you post an article to the page it automatically gets shared to your Twitter, Facebook etc.

Screenshot (25)

WordPress Website

Local business owned and operated by myself and my fiance. We needed a way to keep our product listings up to date and an easy way for our customers to express interest in the products. We have a contact form on each page. I have also set up a Facebook and Twitter for our business.

Screenshot (13)

Event Website and Facebook

This is a local Haunted house that operates only in October. I have built a site for information purposes that I respond to regularly. I attend the event regularly to update photos for the site as well as their Facebook page.


Basic WordPress: Author Blog

Digger Cartwright is a published author. He is involved in politics and philanthropy in addition to writing. We work together in creating content regularly for his blog. Since I set up and manage the blog it is easy for me to keep the content up to date on the site.



  • Managing content regularly
  • Researching and creating relevant content for the client
  • Monitoring comments
  • Unlimited pages: Ability to edit content easily

I began working on this blog at the end of 2012. Take a look at the stats!

Screenshot (2)

Basic WordPress: Charity Golf Site

This site is set up for Charity Golf tournaments. Since this is hosted through WordPress cost will be low, a must for any charity!


Site Features:

  • Informational page
  • Low Cost
  • Calendar for upcoming tournaments
  • Membership page

I have also created a standard Facebook Page for this site

Basic WordPress: Golf Tournament

This client needed a site to display pictures from his yearly tournament. Each page displaying the pictures is password protected. The passwords can be changed or removed at any time. This site can also be set up to allow registration online with Paypal; an option he may want in the future.


Site Features:

  • Tiled pictures
  • Yearly picture slideshows
  • Password protected (Great for sensitive information)
  • Changes can be made at any time
  • Easily set up for online registration

 Premium WordPress

Showing what your companies work product in a user friendly format is important for every business.

This client needed a site that could have book reviews added regularly. They needed a way for authors to easily see the reviews, as well as an easy way for authors to purchase their services. PayPal is one of the most trusted way for purchase so using their services is desirable; however you can add other forms of payment to the WordPress site.

Here are some of the features:

Paws Book Reviews



Remember that a user friendly site is very important for your clients. If a customer can’t navigate your site they most likely won’t purchase your product.

This client is starting a luxury pet product line. He wanted a site that could be easily updated with new products (with links for purchase) as well as testimonials. I created this site from scratch on for a luxury pet product line. The site can be expanded or changed at any time and can be fully customized to meet each client’s specific needs.

Groomingdales Luxury Pet Products


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