Google is your friend… Most of the time!

Hey everyone! I know it’s been a little while… I should be following my own advice right?? About blogging frequently… easier said than done like I said before…

Anyhoo! Let’s talk about Google.

If you run a business you NEED to make sure you a. take over the listing (if it’s already there) or b. make your listing. Why? Because we all use Google!! Hello! Ik. so this isn’t too complicated and it doesn’t take too much time, but this is so important. ESPECIALLY, if you have a business open certain hours and/or have a brick and mortar location people can visit.

First things first… we all know why Google is important… but it is also important to check it frequently. Don’t just set it up and let it go. Trust me here. Here is why… Google does this amazing thing when someone who uses location via google (pretty much every android). When you show up somewhere google will ask you “do you know this place”. First, as a consumer please, please PLEASE do not say yes and start answering questions unless you ACTUALLY know. So, as a business, this is great because the public can help others find out about your location… Like do you serve coffee? Is this a kid-friendly place? /do you serve breakfast? and most importantly What are the hours or alternatively are these hours correct (the ones listed)?

But, this wonderful feature is EXACTLY why you need to check your info frequently because Google can/will change your listing based on answers. Also, holiday hours, stuff like that Google has a place for that. So if your CPA firm is closed on July 4th you have a spot you can put that.

One of my clients kept calling me (for good reason) because people kept coming in and saying Google says you’re open until 10pm. Well… they close at 9pm and I had changed it SEVERAL times. So thank goodness you can change it back pretty easily. But again, that’s why I implore you NOT to answer questions about businesses unless you REALLY know.

So… Now for the nitty gritty… Visit to set up your account. Most of us use Gmail already so you will just need to log in and go through the motions to prove you own your business etc and fill in as much info as you can!

ALSO, this is where people will leave their Google reviews and you can respond… which I recommend doing! You can also manage locations if you have a business with more than one. You can also run ads, link your website and all sorts of other cool stuff.

So, go in and set yours up. I offer training sessions so if you’re interested we can set something up. Alternatively, if you aren’t interested in learning (no shame in that) or don’t have the time I can manage your online/social presence for you. Let’s chat! 843-274-9788


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