450 Yen for how many likes!!?? Just Don’t…

I’ve seen a few ads circulating on my Facebook groups lately. It was this flashy picture and it had about 7 different options to “buy” likes for your Facebook page. The currency was in yen (no big deal I have nothing against foreign currency… just make sure you are calculating the exchange properly).

So… on the face of it sounds like a good idea huh? I pay you…. you give me “likes”! Some even claim to give you REAL likes. Which, think about this, there is a REASON they have to say this. Also, even though they say it, doesn’t mean its true.

First thing… PLEASE don’t ever trust that the likes you get will not be robot accounts, fake profiles, hacked or inactive accounts etc. Even if they say REAL accounts don’t believe it.

Second… Yes, it’s good to have a lot of likes on your page. You want likes! It makes your page show up higher and more people see your stuff. BUT, if those likes are fake profiles they don’t help you one tiny little bit… other than giving you a bigger number. Think about it… what good does it do to have a bunch of fake profiles who aren’t going to interact and DEFINITELY aren’t going to purchase or help your business? None…

Just don’t do it.

“But they are real profiles”— ok, so they are real profiles… good! That’s awesome! What do you sell?— “Avon, Paparazzi, Insurance, etc”— Ok… so are these people interested in your product or service?— “Well, I don’t know but they are REAL profiles”— Again, how does this benefit you?

“But how do I get more likes?”— You just asked the #1 question in social media! I can’t give you any simple formula for getting likes… but here is a few tips:

  1. Share your business page on your personal profile- NOT every day, but once in a while… Your friends will probably be interested in your product or service because they are your friends!
  2. Invite your friends to like your business page- Don’t repeat this action more than in a while. If they are interested they will like it.
  3. If your friends like your page ask them if they will share a post or your page, or ask them if you can share one on their profile. Again, don’t ask all the time… but DEFINITELY ask first!
  4. Find local groups- make sure you are looking at the function and interests of the groups. You don’t want to be posting Avon in a mens fishing interest group… unless you are posting about bug guard or something. Just make sure it’s relevant to the group.
  5. MAKE SURE you are posting fun, interesting content and the likes will come!

Don’t get frustrated… not everyone wants your product or service, but getting quality likes over quantity is the best practice!

News overload on Social Media… What about our kids??!!!

I came across a post the other day from a page I follow, Suburban Shit Show: Tales From The Tree-Lined Trenches. Her kids asked her if we were going to war. They are scared (as am I) and she’s navigating the tough task of explaining “adult” things with them. “As they brace for a reality I never knew in my childhood. I suppose we feared the Soviets. The bomb. I don’t remember much. I hope they won’t either.” -@Surburbanshitshow With her permission, I thought I would tackle an important topic: News on social media and the effect it’s having on our children.

This post isn’t about politics, not about Korea, Not about any of that. What stuck out to me is when she said she doesn’t remember much… I thought about it. I don’t either… I was growing up during the Gulf War in the early 90’s and truth be told I didn’t know anything about it… I didn’t know anything about politics. The only BIG news I remember was when Princess Diana died, and we didn’t hear that until the next day.

I didn’t have INSTANT access to Fox news, or CNN, or Huffington Post. Know what I had access to? The evening news. That was it! And that was IF my parents were watching it, and IF I was paying attention.

Do you know the percentage of Children on Social Media? It’s high… I’m finding anywhere from 65-80%. That’s A LOT!

Think about your news feed for a moment. it’s filled with pictures of your friends, their weddings, babies, new jobs. But if yours is anything like mine there is ALWAYS news popping up… Politics, protests, violence, North Korea, car crashes, murder trials, etc etc. I’ll be honest here and say MOST (closer to all) of my news comes from Social media. Definitely all of my local news (we stream TV now so we don’t get local channels).

What does this mean for me? It’s good for an adult! I can keep up with what’s going on in the world. I have access to things I may or may not have access to through the TV.

Flip that around though… What effect is this having on our youth? The ones who don’t understand war and politics (I still don’t fully understand). It’s nearly IMPOSSIBLE for you to shield them from everything, although more now I see people limiting social time. But, look at the last hour on your news feed… how much did you see? Our youth is now in a time and place where they receive news INSTANTLY! They are more informed than we ever were. They have access to everything they could ever want… or not want to hear about.

The world has changed now. Kids are exposed to everything. It’s not always a bad thing… You can connect with grandma or message your friend about your math homework. But in the same breath, we open ourselves up to the hard questions.

Back to the post… I’m no parent… but in my eyes, she’s doing it right. Being honest and trying to explain is hard. She simplified it and focused on equality and kindness. She’s hoping her kids don’t inherit a world filled with hate.

Now in 2017, we are living in a social world. Social media plays an important part in most of our lives. I don’t think that’s going to change. Just remember when you post… it could be coming across a teenagers page, or a child might see it. Maybe we can all make the world a little kinder on Social media!


How to Respond to Negativity on social media

Let’s be honest here the internet isn’t a super friendly place. There is a lot of negativity out there and people are READY to offer up their opinions on everything. The good outweighs the bad usually but it’s out there trust me. The more active you are the more you open yourself up to it also.

Don’t ask me about the psychology behind all this… I haven’t got a clue about that end (although I’d be interested to know… does anyone have a psychology degree??). But, online people are more apt to say mean things than they are face-to-face. We all know them… they get on a post and have something to say on each comment about how they are right and you (or someone else) is wrong and how their opinion is somehow the only one that is correct. We usually label these people as “trolls”. Urban dictionary defines Troll as One who posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument. What’s the best way to handle them? How do you respond?

Rule of thumb… don’t. Don’t fan the flames.

It’s more complicated than that right? It always is. Here is how I handle this… If it’s personal to me or something I REALLY believe in (spay and neuter, breeding, animal rights) I will speak my peace in a NON-THREATENING way. What does that mean? It means I don’t attack anyone personally, no name calling (probably the MOST important thing). I express WHY I believe what I do and sometimes I will even go into why it means so much to me. Then leave it at that. Trust me… the trolls won’t. But take the high road. And NEVER engage them directly… don’t ever tag or call anyone out.

As a business owner, you are NEVER Annonymous… NEVER! And trust me you don’t want bad PR online… whether it has to do with your business or NOT. Please see my previous post when a business owner took the “wrong” road and engaged and got totally railroaded! 

Same thing goes with reviews… it’s always best to respond… but respond politely.

Now… All of this advice can be taken with a grain of salt. I’m just speaking from personal experience and as a business owner. If you don’t run a business and don’t really have an “image” to maintain then, by all means, speak your mind. I’m an outspoken person myself so I have a difficult time holding my tongue too. Just remember… with screen shots, and the very nature of how open and free the internet is… it might not go away.

4 week Update on Asirvia!

Alright, so I have been using my Asirvia Go units for 4 weeks now. I have three of them, one I carry on my person that goes to my website, one I have stored in random places (McDonald’s, Walmart etc) and my Husband carries one.

Well… The stats speak for themselves people! Check it out:Screenshot_20170807-133157

I got my units July 10th. I can see a DIRECT increase in my traffic! Yay!

So for those of you who were on the fence wondering if they work… the proof is in the pudding as they say!

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Stats Part 3: Deciphering!

Ok so Here is what we all want to know… You have all this info from Facebook, WordPress and more… what does it mean? Reach, Previews, engagements, Clicks etc?

Ok. On Your pages manager for Facebook (If you’re mobile like me that’s pretty much all I use), You will see an icon at the bottom that looks like your cell phone service bars. piZap_1501610227310

Click on those and it will take you to your stats page. Alright, Top to bottom you will first see any past promotions (ads you pay for).  Next you will see “actions on page”; what this means is when people clicked on your “call to action” button you have set up on your page, or when they clicked on your contact information. Below that you will see “page views”; this is the total number of times your page has been viewed, this counts people who are logged into Facebook and those who are not as well. “Page Previews” is next this is a count of people who have hovered over your page to get a preview of it. “page likes” simply counts the new likes you have received in the time frame. “Reach” counts EVERYONE who saw your posts, all of them; it counts every time they showed up in someones newsfeed (of course they can’t tell if someone actually LOOKED or read the post, but it was shown to them). “Post Engagements” counts all actions on your posts (all of them again); it counts likes, comments, and shares. If you want to see each post you can also find those stats. If you have videos on your page the “videos” stats will tell you how many people viewed for more than 3 seconds. Lastly, there is “page followers” and this counts people who have chosen to follow your page (does not require liking).

It’s hard to go into a lot of detail here, but if you want more feel free to set up a time to meet. Facebook also gives you lots of great feedback when you pay for ads.

Now, for your WordPress site. On your WordPress.com app you will see “Stats” RIGHT under your site name. When you click on it you can sort by day, week, month, and year. This is pretty neat for the long term because you can see how you’ve done over a long period and short. You will see “Views” and “visitors”; visitors are the number of unique people who came to your page, and views are how many different pages were visited. ex. 1 visitor 5 views would mean one person came and went to 5 different places on your site. Below that you will see “posts & pages” which will tell you what pages and posts on your page have been viewed and how many times each. Below that “referrers” tell you how people came to your page (ex. Facebook, Google, Twitter). Under that, you will see “clicks” which links on your site have been followed. You also get authors (normally will be you unless you have additional writers on your blog). Then you will see “country” stats; this shows you what countries your visitors are from. Below that “Search terms” shows you what terms someone punched into Google, Bing or any search engine and reached your site. Lastly, videos, is how many videos have been watched on your site.

In the essence of time I’ll save Yelp Tripadvisor and any others for one-on-ones!

Sites can be overwhelming and confusing. But, they are SO important for you! You don’t want to waste time or money if you aren’t getting the return; so check those stats regularly.

If you want a one on one with me you can call or message me at (843)274-9788.

Stats Part 2 of 3!

So part one I talked about stats and what they are. Next part I’m going into detail on how to read Facebook stats, WordPress stats, and other site stats; I’ll really detail what they mean.

Ok. So you have all this information, what do you do with it? How can you really work to improve?

As I already said before monitor them! Every day, or every week at the least. See what kind of traffic you are getting to each site.

After you start monitoring them keep track of your posting habits. And, keep track of any campaigns or advertisements you are doing.

See where I’m going with this? Week one

Ok… for those of you PAYING for ads on Facebook this is of the utmost importance!!! You don’t want to waste your money! Week one run a campaign to get more clicks on your “call to action”, how did your stats look? Week two boost a post, Stats? Week three do a special offer, check those stats. I can’t stress enough how important this is! Also, be sure, EVERY site will be giving you insights on your campaigns! They give this to you for a reason, so see what ads are working best.

For those of you who aren’t actually running campaigns, your stats are STILL very important; probably more-so! The awesome thing about your blog, Facebook, Google etc they still give you stats no matter if you are paying for ads or not. So how do you leverage this if you aren’t running campaigns? You are really going to want to keep really good track of what (text, picture, video) you post and when (time of day, the day of the week). This is going to be a lot of trial and error. We all know visual posts get more views… but that’s just one part of it. Watch your words… call to action… try wording things different… short posts… informational… etc. Keep track and monitor the response you are getting. Once you are tracking this for a few weeks or so you will really have valuable information on when you should be scheduling your posts and what’s getting the most attention.

The easiest way to do all this is to keep a visual representation… Write it on a piece of paper, make a spreadsheet, calendar. Doesn’t matter how you do it. You really should always monitor your traffic, but really the first month or two is when you want to track what you’re posting in relation to traffic. This will give you the valuable information you need. After that, the fun part is keeping it going! Do what works best!


Ok last part will be coming by Monday! I’ll be going into detail on Facebook stats, WordPress (blog) stats, and touching on Google, Yelp, and Tripadvisor as well!

Stats… what are they… why do I need them? Part 1 of 3

Ok here we go!! Stats!! Yay everyone’s favorite subject in High School right??!!! Yeah right… I know it’s not something we really enjoy. But as a business owner, you really should be paying close attention to your stats. Throughout these I will be using Stats and insights interchangeably; really they are the same thing. Stats and insights both deal with the traffic to your sites.

Let’s start with your website and/or blog. MAKE SURE your webmaster or whoever it is that’s hosting your site gives you access to your stats. If you don’t have access to that you have NO WAY to know if your marketing is working. I use WordPress and they give me lots of REALLY good information on visitors, where they came from (Facebook, Google, Bing, Twitter etc), where they are from (US, UK, Etc), and what they looked at on my site (landing page, blog posts, contact info). I cannot stress enough to make sure your site is linked to your social media properly, and you are getting insights. Below are an example!


Next, Facebook! Who else is ecstatic that Facebook AUTOMATICALLY tracks your stats??!! Just me??!! Nah, everyone should be excited about that! Keep track of your Facebook stats. Please… I’m begging you. It only takes a second, login to your pages manager and take a screen shot of your insights once a week. Just do it… You’ll thank me down the road…

Yelp, Tripadvisor, and Google also give you great insights… FOR FREE!!! I think I have said it before. But just for good measure… TAKE OVER YOUR GOOGLE, YELP AND TRIPADVISOR PAGE NOW!!! Respond to those reviews… and make sure you are looking at your traffic!

Ok… now that we have all these stats… what do we do with them??!!! Part 2 coming Thursday Y’all!!

Food For Thought…

I can say with confidence that all businesses have heard the phrase “online presence”, but how many have actually put some REAL thought into it? What does it REALLY mean? What can you do about it?

I often hear: “Well, people are going to write whatever they want no matter what I do.” This, in fact, IS a true statement… but wouldn’t you like to address people about it?

Let’s start with some of the hot button sites: Google, Facebook, Yelp, Tripadvisor, and there are a lot of other sites as well.

“I’m not on google” Well… First of all, you probably are, second of all if you aren’t you’re in rough shape! Google is quickly taking over as #1 for reviews. Why? Because if their hand little nearby feature. How many times have you walked into a store or a restaurant and had your phone say “are you here?” Pretty much all Android phones are equipped with this nearby feature. So, how handy is it that you are at a place, just had dinner and boom! “Leave your review for….” pops up!

While we are talking about nearby… Let’s chat about Facebook. Facebook also utilizes the Google nearby feature and will say “it looks like you are at….” it happens all the time! You WANT this to happen at your business.

Then we have Yelp and TripAdvisor, which both are still VERY viable for reviews.


What are you doing with this information? How does this benefit you? Well, as a business you really need to be keeping track of what people are saying about you. If you are getting bad reviews on your chicken fingers regularly wouldn’t you like to know? If you have a staff member who is getting bad reviews regularly wouldn’t you like to know? How about the opposite side… If your prime rib sandwich was always getting “best ever” reviews wouldn’t you like to promote that? If your catering service was always getting glowing reviews, wouldn’t you like to show people?


The WHOLE point is people are going to say what they want, but this information is useful to you, as a business owner.


So I’ll ask… How is your online presence? If your answer is anything but “Great”, we need to talk. If your answer is “I don’t know”, Let’s sit down and talk about what I do! Let me train you if you have the time to monitor it yourself. If you don’t I think you’ll find that my services are beneficial and affordable for all businesses.


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First few day of Asirvia Bluetooth beacon!

Hey everyone! So most of you know I received my Asirvia Go units on Monday. I’m so excited and am looking forward to seeing results!

First off if you HAVEN’T seen them check out my site and watch the video! www.asirvia.com/lisaburkey

Neat huh? So I got the 3 pack. You can choose your own message and set them up to link to any secure website. I have two of mine setup to go to my Asirvia site and my message is simple: “your ad here for less than $1 a day”! That’s right! One unit is only $25 a month! My third one is linked to my site and says “social media training now available”. So this will drive people to my site (and hopefully book my services). One of the Asirvia ones I sent with my husband and the other two are on my keyring.

I’ll post next week with an update on my stats! I’m going to change it to my Facebook at some point too and track the stats on that.

If you want to know more or are ready to get your own you can call me, text me, Facebook me etc.