Getting your LOCALS interested!

Being from Myrtle beach it’s no secret we have a largely tourist driven economy. Between May and August our population baloons! This is awesome for businesses, we have a very large service industry here. Hotels, Restaurants, bars, attractions; they all boom in the summer months.

The question here is How do you get your locals in the off-season? This is not just for Myrtle Beach; there are many places that are seasonal, each one is different. But the formula for your social media is the same.

Let’s start with those lovely summer months. I cannot stress enough to REMEMBER YOUR LOCALS! Get their feedback on Facebook, tweet to them on Twitter, share their pictures etc. Do ANYTHING possible to make them know you remember them (and want their business).  **Now, make no mistake here you MUST reach those on vacation as well. The important thing here is being engaged with all your other local businesses and posting regularly; this means you need someone to respond, ask questions, and to reply to any positive and negative feedback. Be sure it’s relevant content SEE: Content part 1, Content part 2, content part 3.

For your off-season your focus should (obviously) be getting your locals to visit you. How you do this will be specific to the type of business you run. What you WILL need is someone who knows how to decipher the world of “targeting” and “promotions” on each social media outlet. We have all heard it before; you need a call to action. It sounds like business 101 here, but most businesses tend to scale down their advertising in the off months. Wise decision considering the profits are less. But as a business DO NOT neglect your social media. Trust me here… you can reach your locals through social media. They are here!!!


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