Content Part 3: Twitter!

Content for twitter is an entirely different beast. You are limited on your characters. So unless you are saying something short and sweet you will have a link to your content. If you do this you have to have something catchy to get people to WANT to click. There is a real science to creating a good tweet and getting it to reach a lot of people.

First part is to be specific. You need to have a clear concise update. This shouldn’t be a monthly update, it’s far too much content for a tweet. This should be something specific to your company. Here are a couple ideas:

  • blog posts- Take an excerpt from your blog post. Should be small but make people want to read more.
  • Pictures- These do not take up a lot of characters. Think specific! If you are a restaurant, a new menu item. If you are an author, your newest cover. What do you want people to SEE about your company.
  • Shout Outs- Did you just get an awesome review? Did you get a new customer (be sure to check it is ok with them to shout out to them)? Are you attending a party or event?
  • Current Events- Discuss something pertinent in current events. By pertinent I mean relating to your industry. If you are in the cellular industry, comment on the newest phone. If you are in the restaurant industry, comment on new regulations or a new release on your menu (see pictures above).

Second Part is to create or use Hash tags. They begin with a “#” sign and relate to your topic. You need to be sure you are using the correct ones. I will dive deeper into the hash tag world in another blog.

Third is to tag people. Important thing here is to not go tagging people all wily-nily. Don’t tag people just to tag. Events, people, or places that are relating to your post. I.E. If you are attending a show tag the people who have set it up, or sometimes the show itself will have a twitter handle. Do some research and make sure you are tagging appropriately.

Fourth thing to consider is your timing. Think of when you are online regularly. Usually the high times are around 8-9am and 5-6pm. This is not an exact science. Change it up. See what works and when.


All of these things will get you re-tweets and followers if done correctly. Have fun!

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