How will people find you?

The other day while pumping gas I was approached by a young man in a locksmith van. “So how does social media management work?” I responded by saying each business is different and you should have a plan tailored to you. I also said I do websites and integrate your social sites with your website. After talking for a few minutes he said “yeah… we don’t have a Facebook or website or anything.” I was shocked! We parted ways and he said he needed to talk to the owner because he believes they need social media. (Music to my ears)

“How will people find you?”

I thought all day about this conversation. I Googled the business, And on the plus side they had a review on Yelp; But they didn’t have anything else.

As a business owner ask yourself: how will people find me? Let’s start with the basics or “old school” styles. This includes “word of mouth”, “newspaper”, “yellowpages”, and “radio” (possible more but these are the big guys). These types of advertising are great! Word of mouth may be one of the biggest keys in advertising;  but you can’t rely on that alone. Radio is good… but let’s face it… most people hate commercials. Newspaper is fine… but most newspapers are in digital form and not many people buy them regularly. And lastly yellowpages. Well… when is the last time you opened a phone book??!! Need I say more?

Time to move into the 21st century. It’s no secret the Internet has changed the advertising industry. If a customer goes to Google your business and all they find is a yelp review are they going to call you? Or are they going to call the one who has a website, a facebook, a twitter? People like to have information, we live in a society where information is king and easily accessible! 

Ponder on this. Put yourself in the shoes of the customer. Use your advertising budget in the way that makes the most sense.

As always if you have questions just call and ask me. I’m your expert! 843-274-9788 or

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