A look at the past… don’t be scared!

I remember when MySpace was basically it for social media. I remember a time when I actually had to interact with people (du duh duuuhhh) in PERSON! *GASP* I had to use a card catalog in the library. I had to use  a phone book! I’ve used a pay phone.
How did I survive? I had to wait until I got home to call my friends from school! I actually had to CALL them!
I took pictures and had to wind my camera… then wait an hour to have them developed! ! Oh the humanity! No selfies???!!!

All joking aside, it’s no secret that social media has changed society… A LOT! Whether it’s better or worse it’s what we have right now. 
Don’t get me wrong here I love social media! I mean it’s how I make a living! But it is so important today not to loose grasp with reality. It’s not hard to sit behind a computer and loose touch with reality.

Go on a date in the park and turn off your phone. Heck go anywhere and do anything and leave it at home or turn it off! Reconnect with an old friend with a phone call instead of a text!

Social media has changed the face of society… but don’t loose touch! 

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