Twitter. .. tweeter… is this a different language?

So many times I hear business owners say something along the lines of “I don’t need twitter” or “I’ve looked at Twitter it doesn’t make sense” or the best yet “it’s all teenagers right?”

All of these statements are incorrect!

First let me say that pretty much EVERY business can benefit from twitter.

Here are your basics… here is why…

We have all heard the term “hashtag”. This is actually the pound or number symbol “#”. On twitter this will become your best friend. Put that symbol in front of a word or phrase and it instantly becomes a searchable term! Boom! There ya go twitter language unlocked! This is why you see things like #politics or #whatwasithinking.

Ok not that we know #howtousehashtags let’s move into the other thing you see all the time the “@” symbol. Every person or user has what is called a “handle” or “twitter handle” this is noted with that symbol. For instance mine is @lisafahrenbruck. Why is this important? because this is how you get people to engage. Tag relevant people in your tweets! They get notified and it also shows up on their feed and all of their followers see it!

With the use of hashtag and twitter handles every business can engage with their targets!

Yes twitter seems like a foreign language. It took me some time to sit down and decipher tweets, and it took me even longer to learn how to COMPOSE them properly! Don’t give up!

Remember social media is fun! also… If you don’t have the time or knowledge to devote to it I’m here to help!


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