Do businesses really need to use Facebook?

Short answer: YES!

Here is why:

Just from my own experience I have come to realize that if a business is not on Facebook, they don’t exist. Yes, it is rather sad that we, as a society,  have come to rely so much on Social media; but it’s true.  Businesses have to realize the potential here (insert thousands of statistics here).

Most common question from business owners: What is Facebook going to do for me?

Answer: Brand recognition. That’s as plain and simple as I can make it. Facebook basically will put a face with a name. It gives you an opportunity to introduce people to your business. What do you do every day? Who is a member of your team? What are people saying about your business? What’s going on in your industry? All of this together creates a brand profile, puts your name out there, gives people something to talk about. That’s why Facebook is so important, because it lets people know who you are.

Question: Facebook isn’t making me money. Why should I invest my time and money into it?

Answer: Well, the first part of this answer is the questions above. You are creating a brand profile and letting people know who you are. Second, Facebook as well as ALL social media is not going to give you instant gratification. On top of that the return is VERY hard to measure.

Now, all of this being said; this question is normally asked to me from businesses who are doing NOTHING other than having a Facebook page. You can’t just create a page and expect people to come. You have to have the content people want to see, and share! Don’t tell me it doesn’t work… when you haven’t really tried.

Question: I don’t have time to sit around and write blogs and content for my Facebook. So I won’t have any content right?

Answer: Nope. Wrong answer! For good share-able content you don’t need to re-invent the wheel. Do some research, for every industry you should be able to find a wealth of information, articles, blogs, and expert opinions.

Ideally, you want a 70/30 ration for your content. 70% should be your own content 30% should be shared from other sources. This is just something to shoot for though.


All of this information together are reasons that businesses need to invest in their Social Media. Whether they dedicate their time from inside or outsource to someone like me; social media is important! Don’t just create content all willy nilly, that’s not going to work. If you don’t want to outsource remember that the content you out on your page reflects your business; so be careful!

Side note: I don’t have statistics, but in my opinion having a Facebook page with nothing on it and no activity is worse than not having a Facebook at all.

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