Blog: Is Social Media worth the effort?

Of course my opinion is going to be somewhat biased on this but there are overwhelming statistics that point the answer to YES!

Now to be fair, if you are looking for immediate payoff you won’t usually find that with social media. Businesses need to remember that social media is a “long-term” investment. I put long term in quotes because I’m not talking about years here, but it’s definitely not immediate gratification. Businesses need to understand first off what social media IS, and what it DOES, and how it Works!

Obviously I can’t cover all of the benefits of all social media in one blog; but I’ll be releasing more blogs on my take on social media over the coming weeks. I hope you come back to read them all!

I’ll be covering the topics below:

  • Facebook: Why? and for who?
  • Twitter: I don’t get it. And, why? What will it do?
  • Google+: My personal take on the Google “monster”!
  • Pinterest: Why? What does this do for my business?
  • Should I outsource my Social Media?
  • Do I need a Blog?
  • Content? Where do I get it?
  • Frequency?
  • I want a guarantee! How can you measure the outcome?
  • SEO: Huh?
  • Do I need social media? B2B vs. B2C

In my following blogs I’m not going to bombard you with percentages; you can find those easily on your own all over the web. Instead I’m going to give you my opinion backed up with the years of experience that I have. I’ve been using social media… well… longer than I would like to admit starting with MySpace. I’ve been managing social media for my clients for over two years now, so take my opinion for what it’s worth. I’ve got plenty of experience to back it up!

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