Stats Part 3: Deciphering!

Ok so Here is what we all want to know… You have all this info from Facebook, WordPress and more… what does it mean? Reach, Previews, engagements, Clicks etc?

Ok. On Your pages manager for Facebook (If you’re mobile like me that’s pretty much all I use), You will see an icon at the bottom that looks like your cell phone service bars. piZap_1501610227310

Click on those and it will take you to your stats page. Alright, Top to bottom you will first see any past promotions (ads you pay for).  Next you will see “actions on page”; what this means is when people clicked on your “call to action” button you have set up on your page, or when they clicked on your contact information. Below that you will see “page views”; this is the total number of times your page has been viewed, this counts people who are logged into Facebook and those who are not as well. “Page Previews” is next this is a count of people who have hovered over your page to get a preview of it. “page likes” simply counts the new likes you have received in the time frame. “Reach” counts EVERYONE who saw your posts, all of them; it counts every time they showed up in someones newsfeed (of course they can’t tell if someone actually LOOKED or read the post, but it was shown to them). “Post Engagements” counts all actions on your posts (all of them again); it counts likes, comments, and shares. If you want to see each post you can also find those stats. If you have videos on your page the “videos” stats will tell you how many people viewed for more than 3 seconds. Lastly, there is “page followers” and this counts people who have chosen to follow your page (does not require liking).

It’s hard to go into a lot of detail here, but if you want more feel free to set up a time to meet. Facebook also gives you lots of great feedback when you pay for ads.

Now, for your WordPress site. On your app you will see “Stats” RIGHT under your site name. When you click on it you can sort by day, week, month, and year. This is pretty neat for the long term because you can see how you’ve done over a long period and short. You will see “Views” and “visitors”; visitors are the number of unique people who came to your page, and views are how many different pages were visited. ex. 1 visitor 5 views would mean one person came and went to 5 different places on your site. Below that you will see “posts & pages” which will tell you what pages and posts on your page have been viewed and how many times each. Below that “referrers” tell you how people came to your page (ex. Facebook, Google, Twitter). Under that, you will see “clicks” which links on your site have been followed. You also get authors (normally will be you unless you have additional writers on your blog). Then you will see “country” stats; this shows you what countries your visitors are from. Below that “Search terms” shows you what terms someone punched into Google, Bing or any search engine and reached your site. Lastly, videos, is how many videos have been watched on your site.

In the essence of time I’ll save Yelp Tripadvisor and any others for one-on-ones!

Sites can be overwhelming and confusing. But, they are SO important for you! You don’t want to waste time or money if you aren’t getting the return; so check those stats regularly.

If you want a one on one with me you can call or message me at (843)274-9788.

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