Intro pricing… 50% off regular price… NOW!



  • Bluetooth Beacon: uses Google Nearby technology
  • No downloads necessary- message shows up without the recipient needing to download ANYTHING!
  • Reach ALL android phones with Bluetooth in 100 yards
  • No tech knowledge necessary! They do all the work!
  • Drive people to Facebook, YouTube, E-Business cards, Web sites, And more!

I’m going to cut to the chase here!!! What do you spend on your advertising??!! I can guarantee you it’s more than what I’m about to tell you…

Right now intro monthly pricing::

$25 for 1 unit (less than $1 a day)

$49 for 3 units (give one to your spouse) (.54 cents a day per unit)

$99 or 8 (perfect for fleet drivers) (.41 cents a day per unit)

Most of you are ready to sign up Now so click here… Click the buy now and follow the instructions! Break that down… LESS than $1 a day… You can’t advertise ANYWHERE for less than $1 a day!!! This intro pricing doesn’t last long, they haven’t said when… but they have said soon. But, if you sign up now you get grandfathered in this price!

Alright… if you are like me You want the best, newest, coolest, different, and out of the box EVERYTHING! Apply that to your marketing!! Trust me … you want this… This is no gimmick, no bs this is exactly what it says it is! You broadcast your message to all Android phones with Bluetooth everywhere you go! Period. Simple as that! All you have to do is carry it with you!

Want more info??!! Email me at or Call me

Watch the video below!


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