First few day of Asirvia Bluetooth beacon!

Hey everyone! So most of you know I received my Asirvia Go units on Monday. I’m so excited and am looking forward to seeing results!

First off if you HAVEN’T seen them check out my site and watch the video!

Neat huh? So I got the 3 pack. You can choose your own message and set them up to link to any secure website. I have two of mine setup to go to my Asirvia site and my message is simple: “your ad here for less than $1 a day”! That’s right! One unit is only $25 a month! My third one is linked to my site and says “social media training now available”. So this will drive people to my site (and hopefully book my services). One of the Asirvia ones I sent with my husband and the other two are on my keyring.

I’ll post next week with an update on my stats! I’m going to change it to my Facebook at some point too and track the stats on that.

If you want to know more or are ready to get your own you can call me, text me, Facebook me etc. 

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